The 2010 Issue

Faculty Advisor: Miriam Sagan
Fiction Editors: S.L. Bond and Rita Feinstein
Poetry Editor: Sudasi Clement
Art Editor: Carol Becvarik
Logo Design: Jane Dill Design


Test Results, Maureen Tolman Flannery

Dehiscense, Katherine DiBella Seluja

Dreams, Questions, Wishes, Barbara Hill

The Knife, Emily May Wingren

3rd Person, March, Bibi Deitz

When You Ask Why I am On the Train, Stephen Sossaman

Time, Behzad Dayeny

Hole in the Fabric, George Such

Spud, John F. Buckley

The Last Time You Dyed Your Hair, S.L. Bond

Lust Series (59), Stephanie Dickinson

Little Beast, Legacy Russell

Darkness, Leah Cantor

The Executive Director Surveys His Domain, Bill O’Neill

The Homeless, Cynthia West

Flying, Brooke Palance

Tuesday, Rita Feinstein

Featured Poet Interview: Michael G. Smith

4 Poems, Michael G. Smith

At the Ruins of St. Non’s Chapel, Joan Mitchell

Avalanche, Rachelle Woods

Victory Garden, Sheila Cowing

San Antonio, Amorak Huey

Thirteen, Meg Tuite

Memoirs From the Asylum, Kenneth Weene

Over the Taos Gorge, Kathryne Lim

The Greater Fool, Yves Lucero

On Hearing that Alfred Anderson,
the Last Surviving Veteran of the WWI
Christmas Truce has Died in Scotland
Devon Miller-Duggan

Fall from Grace, Elizabeth Raby

Confluence, Mary Cisper

Duet in Transition, Jane Lin

Sally Girl, Jenn Blair

Drawing Circles, Darrell Epp

The Sea Egg, Frances Hunter

The Tenant, Sharon Niederman

So It’s All Come Down to This, Melissa Godwin

Salt, Lori Romero

Reunion, Gaylord Brewer

Before the Blues Blues, Donald Levering

I Say Things Twice, Robert Haynes

Awakening the Buddha, Ann Marie McKelvey

The Errand, Mariah Hegarty

BSE #289, Katherine Kubarski

Paul Feeley’s Painting Class –
Secrets of Life
, Jane Lipman

After the Snow Had Melted, James McGrath

My First Funeral, Jim Bainbridge

Palmistry, Jessica Beth Howard

North is at the Top of the Map, Dallas Huth

Unlike Alice
(Whose Tumble is Wondrous),
Ann Valley-Fox

No, Wait ..., Lauren Camp