The 2009 Issue

Faculty Adviser | Miriam Sagan
Fiction Editors | Bibi Deitz
Poetry Editor | Sudasi Clement
Art Editor | Carol Becvarik
Editor at Large | Chasity Vigil
Logo Design | Jane Dill Design

Enter the 2009 issue...

The Santa Fe Literary Review is published by the School of Liberal Arts and Core Studies of Santa Fe Community College.

With special thanks to Bruno Bornet, Dean of Liberal Arts and Core Studies, and Margaret Peters, Chair of Communications.

Santa Fe Literary Review invites submissions of poetry, fiction and non-fiction of a general literary interest, as well as visual arts. Unless accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope, submissions will not be returned. Submissions are accepted on a year-round basis, to be read in the fall.

Please address all correspondence to:

Miriam Sagan
Santa Fe Literary Review
6401 Richards Avenue
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508

Enter the 2009 issue...

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