2006 Issue



2007 Issue

The Santa Fe Literary Review is published by the Liberal and Fine Arts Department of Santa Fe Community College .

Faculty Advisers

Miriam Sagan, George Manner
Fiction Editors Casey Frank, Tom Stevens
Poetry Editors Sudasi Clement, George Manner

Cover Art by Charles Lent
Back Cover Collage by Ursula Moeller and Bow Hunter
Design by Ana June
Printed by Starline Printing

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Contributor Bios

Leo Romero
Night Vision
Nancy Driesbach
Karen McKinnon
What did You Do While The World was Unraveling?
Marcia Starck
Letting It Rip
Dallas Huth
Window of Wonders
Annette Strom
La Nena
Edelweis Ananke Pailos
New Addition
Mordecai Walawelsky
Song of the Valkyries
Amy Fritz
Spearheading Daylight
Luke Hettel
Prison Break
Steven L. Walker
Stayed Too Long at Vinoís
Ann Laser
The Wedding That Was Not to Be
Peggy van Hulsteyn
Death by Taxi
Gary Glazner
Ode to a Mexican Oracle
Debbi Brody
The Dishwasher
Seth Biderman
Trades Into Afternoon
Christopher Porter
Light Green In The Sky
Angela Janda
Leaving for University
Elaine G. Schwartz
Just Like a Man
Sheila Ortego
Occasional Haunting
Mary McGinnis
Casey Frank
Percival has a Fit
Kim Knowles
At the Cinema
Frances Hunter
Susan Hazen-Hammond
Strange Rain
Kathleen Runyan
My Cousinís Wedding
Lauren Camp
honed wits
Christopher Mulrooney
A Foolish Thief
Tom Stevens
Ed Moreno
Tomorrow He Would Remember
Kirk VanDyke
Beep Beep Beep
Ursula Moeller
Lori Romero
Susan Schaefer McDevitt
Galaxies & Dust
Lisa McCormack
Lonnie Howard
B.A. Wingate
Flying With Icarus
James McGrath

Contributor Bios

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